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Neklood Freediving 300 gram

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Mares Neck Weight voor Freediving (prijs is per segment van 300 gr, je koopt een aantal segmenten samen met een sluiting)

Apneautic company proudly represent new and unique sofistic weight system.This new system is noted for a easy manipulation adjusment and correction of necessary weight, right in the pool, during a few seconds. Not only for active freedivers, but instructors and schools of freediving too, during lessons, where in few seconds instructor can adjust optimal weight for his students and make it possible for them to progress rapidly during lessons.That means of course better feeling and joy of freediving. 
System consists of 300g segments which connect individually together with an adjustable strap. Currently the weight of the load can change for 300g segments.But in the near future there will be 500g and 800g segments. Later models will be able adjust the load of neck weight for 100g steps.
The buckles are designed for simple and intuitive maneuver of the load.This will definitely be a big advantage when racing in an attempt dynamic apnea, when the end of the dive done "surface protocol" on swim line which is usually not well stretched. Here is the big advantage before emerging considering the burden of the neck being thrown.
Currently there's whole sets of collars. It's better if you choose how much load you need and how many sets you need to strap buckles. If you actively take advantage of our neck weight and will often use the overall load (perhaps because once you train in a suit and once you don't, swim packed or in exhale) it is recommended to use two sets of buckles, for easy handling. Belt buckles with a specific weight to preset the collar and already then don't waste unnecessary time setting...
We recommend a maximum weight for the collar set up of 300g segments, 3kg to 3,6kg, depending on the circumference of the neck freediver. In combination with the 500g an 800g segments, weight to get up around 5kg total weight of the collar.
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